Who we are

Who we are

We are a team of IT experts from the Czech Republic (Prague, Czechia) who enjoy solving specific problems and bringing simple and effective solutions that improve people's daily lives.

In the second half of the 1990s (1996-2000), we participated in the introduction of the commercial Internet in the Czech Republic. You may still remember the first commercial Internet provider of Video On Line, which then became Free. That's when we taught people to use the internet.

At that time, people asked us why the internet provider is called Video On Line and what the internet has to do with the video. So in 1997, we started streaming the Prague International Marathon (PIM.cz) over the Internet. Yes, these were the beginnings, but today no one doubts that videos are one of the biggest phenomena of the Internet.

In 2001, we taught people to fly when we launched a system for online ticket reservations known as Letuska.cz. It was the first online reservation system connected to the Global Distribution Systems of the Amadeus and Galileo type in the Czech Republic. This system was used not only on the Letuska.cz portal but also on many others such as the Lety.cz portal, etc. The system was used in Central and Eastern Europe by more than 700 IATA agencies and was eventually purchased by the global Galileo TravelPort system and the product is still in operation under the name GOL.

In 2010, the word "cloud" began to be used in a large declension. No one knew exactly what it was, and we began to explain the differences between different types of clouds. IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, XaaS. We participated in the conception and implementation of the IaaS cloud provider Cloud4Com, which is one of the most reliable IaaS providers of data center infrastructure in the Czech Republic. Cloud4Com was acquired by Autocont in 2019, thus expanding the Aricoma Group holding.

In addition to IT, we also play sports in all our lives. In 2014, we found out that there are a lot of online booking systems for sports centers, but none is good enough nor open-source. And so we created ...


... a universal and flexible booking platform. We knew from the beginning that we must not limit ourselves to the sports segment, so we built the FlexBook as a booking platform for anything. We believe that we succeeded.

Project vision

We want to build a platform that will make people's lives more pleasant and easier.

We want end users to be able to find an event, service or resource at a specific time, in a specific place, and make an online reservation.

We want small providers to have a quality and flexible tool for offering their events and resources.

In order to achieve this vision, it is necessary to digitize all events and resources so that their availability is available online and it is possible to make online reservations.

We have found that many businesses either have no reservation system at all or have a reservation system that does not meet their requirements and no longer allows connection to external systems.

That is why we created a universal reservation platform and named it


This offers an easy option for those who have no reservation system and at the same time, we have a reference implementation of a reservation system that can be connected to external systems.

As soon as there are enough high-quality reservation systems on the market that can be connected to external systems, we would like to launch GDS (aka Global Distribution System) of Resources, Services, and Events on top of all these reservations systems. Imagine GDS as a large content network with available events, services, and resources at specific times in different places in the Czech Republic, Europe, and the Globe.

We want reservation system operators to be able to publish their resources and events on this global content network, which will become a very useful source of information for portals in various areas of business, leisure activities, non-profit, or academic areas.

People participating in an open-source project

David Pasek - System Architect https://github.com/davidpasek 

Petr Kos - App Developer - https://github.com/bossacek

Jan Redl - DevOps Engineer - https://github.com/janredl