Resource Catalog and Booking platform for the 21st century

FlexBook is a modern online resource catalog and booking platform, supporting digital transformation in various areas of commercial and non-commercial business fields. 


We believe in free software that comes with open source. For this reason, we provide FlexBook reservation platform software under an Open Source license. Promoting such an approach is based on a community of people who work together on this project in their spare time and contribute to its success. The FlexBook community is welcoming and inclusive. We believe that the commitment with which the community is gradually developing the booking platform leads to the success of the FlexBook project, which in turn will help you achieve your goals.

Why are we doing this?

We are a team of programmers, IT veterans, and Information Specialists (modern librarians) who think that everyone living in the 21st century already uses a computer, tablet, or smartphone connected to the Internet and expects to be able to conveniently and quickly find any resource and make a reservation for an event or something to rent at a certain time and for an agreed period.

The FlexBook catalog and reservation platform saves time for event providers and resource lessors. In addition, it meets the expectations of end-users willing to find everything online and make reservations anytime 24/7.

We try to keep the FlexBook reservation platform simple but universal. There are only three types of objects (resources) to book on our reservation platform.


As a Resource, you can imagine a sports court, a hairdressing chair, a conference room, or a human resource, which can be for example a personal trainer or a tourist guide.

Events are activities that take place at a specific time in a specific place and can allocate the necessary resources for their holding. And if you offer regularly recurring activities, that's not a problem for FlexBook either.

Services are products provided by the provider and requiring some available resources. In other words, the system can show the date and time when a particular service is available.

Booking conditions allow you to properly align a specific business with the booking system and, for example, require payment to be made several days or hours before the booking is actually delivered. Or do not allow reservations earlier than 2 weeks before the event. And such similar conditions and their combinations can be defined precisely so that expectations on both sides - on the part of the provider and on the part of the booking party - are correctly met.

With the help of Notifications, you can notify both the customer and provider employee about a new reservation, a change in the status of the reservation, the need to pay for the reservation, etc. Notifications are defined and mapped to individual states of the reservation process and enable automated communication between the provider and the booking provider.

Online payments will provide bookers with an easy way to pay for reservations and providers with complete control over financial efficiency, including the ability to issue tickets and receipts. FlexBook software will also provide you with the automated creation of tax documents, and specific documents such as contracts, loan lists, etc. Another feature of the reservation platform is data reporting for accounting purposes and for a quick and accurate overview of business success or reservation statistics.

We know that each business field is something specific, but we try to develop the FlexBook reservation platform so that it can be deployed in any field. Among the fields that we have already fine-tuned with our customers are:

  • Conferences, workshops, and seminars
  • Teachers, Coaches, Mentors
  • Sports facilities offering courts, training, children's clubs, personal trainers, etc.
  • Wellness - massage services, hairdressing, cosmetics, etc.
  • Rentals
  • Community center events
  • Accommodation - pensions, apartments, cottages, etc.