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Kayak Beach Bar

Kayak Beach Bar is a multifunctional floating bar with a volleyball court. The FlexBook reservation system provides reservations not only for the beach volleyball court but also for the rental of kayaks and paddle-boards. In winter, the floating bar is transformed into a sauna, where it is also possible to make a reservation using the FlexBook.


OpticLab uses the FlexBook online booking system to book a complete eye examination. The date of the eye examination can be ordered in five different branch offices.

Beach Klub Ládví

Beach Klub Ládví is the largest beach sports complex in the Czech Republic. It operates 18 beach volleyball courts in the summer season, a giant trampoline, ping pong tables, a children's playground, and more. In addition to the possibility of playing for the general public, Beachklub Ládví opens beach volleyball clubs for children, training for adults, and training for mothers with babysitting. All reservations are provided by the FlexBook reservation system.


The LANNA GYM Martial Arts Center in Prague's Nusle offers more than 50 hours a week of comprehensive technical, athletic, fitness, and strength training. Online booking of training and training halls is provided by FlexBook.

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