Project Vision

Reservation System

We are building and continually improving a reservation system that makes people's lives more pleasant and easier.

We want end users to be able to find any resource, event, or service at a specific time, in a specific place, show its availability and allow an online reservation.

We want allow small providers to use a professional and flexible reservation system for their resources, events and services.

In order to achieve this vision, it is necessary to digitize all physical resources, including events and services, and expose these resources online and make them bookable.

We have realised that many organisations either have no reservation system at all or have a reservation system that does not meet their requirements and does not allow simple integration into existing web sites and other systems.

That is why we have created a universal reservation software and named it FlexBook.

FlexBook is an easy option for those who have no reservation system and at the same time, we have a reference implementation of a reservation system that can be leveraged as a foundation for any GDS.

Reservation Platform

FlexBook platform is composed from the reservation system back office where any reservation business model can be easily designed and from front-end JavaScript components, which can be easily integrated into any web site, Content Management System (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.).

FlexBook JavaScript components follows standard reservation workflows and provide universal business logic.

FlexBook platform can be integrated to any external system via REST API


The ultimate goal of FlexBook is to connect multiple providers into GDS (aka Global Distribution System).  GDS is leveraging the concept of super and sub providers to create the huge on-line content network exposing all available resources, events, and services to anybody willing to consume it. Such globally available content network allows booking of ...

anything, anywhere, anytime